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The President
Updated On: Jul 24, 2011

 The President

Upon the release of this Silver Badge all of the department will know who plans to run against me as President of our association.  It comes as no surprise to me as who it is trying to seek another two years as your President.  Almost two years ago I took over the office as your President under some very unusual circumstances to say the least.  The walking out of a sitting President still holding office and one of the largest financial MOU givebacks in the history of our association; the giving back of just over 2.5 Million in wages and benefits to the City of El Paso under his direction, but signed by his second in command.  The election was overwhelming in my favor but a few past board members decided to walk-out in protest, taking the example of their past President and friend with several others being ousted from office by your vote.  Election night was supposed to be a happy occasion to celebrate a new beginning for our association but it was not, thanks to a few upset individuals who couldn’t stand that they had been defeated and/or their friends had been voted out of office.  Even with that I still continued attending all association meetings being slammed by the exiting appointed lame duck president and several board members who decided to remain just to make things difficult.

November 2009, I took over as president of the association.  The day I finally got the keys and access to our own building and opened the door to the President’s office is when I learned how childish or just plain ignorant some of the exiting board members were.  All the documents contained within the President’s office were gone or shredded.  Was it to hide what they had done or just one last outburst of the juveniles that vacated the office?  I made the decision that day that we would start over fresh, and knowing it would be futile, I requested no help from the past President or his temporary replacement since one had walked out and the other had destroyed documents.  We started new, from scratch with very little help, but we started with a group of dedicated members who wanted to go on with life and get back to work.  The hatchet was buried with most because they too where there for the officers, however the few loyal to the past regime that still remained were always focused on my back with the hatchet in hand.

Two months into office, still fighting some of the past board irritations and mentalities, I received the most devastating call any parent can ever receive, the call from a fellow officer making a death notification to me, about my son.  In one single step my world stopped and would be changed forever as if someone reached into my chest and pulled out my heart.  Everything I had worked for and suffered through in 30+ years was gone and I felt totally lost and helpless.  I could not comfort my wife and younger son or take care of their pain, or make anything better.  It was over and I couldn’t do anything about it, but we still had our Family of Blue, so I thought.  I left El Paso on January 4, 2010 to see my son for the last time and load his entire life into the back of a U-Haul.  Within a week I was back in El Paso headed for Austin to give my son’s only belongings to his brother and attend a CLEAT Event to represent our association, my Family in Blue.  Upon my return I learned real quickly that certain people are not my family or yours and just wanted to see me fail as your President.  For that I have lost all respect for them and will never let them control this association or have any more part in its operations.  I have accepted them as members and will extend every membership privilege they are due because they pay their dues, but will never respect them as men because they do for themselves and not for the Family in Blue.  I have told you this because I am dedicated to you, my family.  In the darkest moments of my life most of you were there for my family; helping us go on, giving us your friendship and compassion, sentiments I will cherish forever.  I will never forget my Family in Blue who at my darkest hour where there to support and console me; thank you from the bottom of my heart.  But not all of you were so understanding.  Some of you took the opportunity to strike me at the lowest point in my life and tried to discredit me, but the strength from those who cared, carried me through, and here I still stand, as your president.

I have made mistakes in the past and pray every night that I will make no other but I am human, and we as humans make mistakes.  I have faced the past doomsday seekers and always stayed positive and respectful to others, but when you attack me or my family, I will strike back and eliminate the threat.  I have run a very open and transparent association and have given more control to all members of the board, who deserve it, than any past President.  I have been told that I give the board too much information and control but that is how I do things; I have nothing to hide and we are in this together.  It’s about the members as a whole and not a group of friends and drinking buddies.  I have always made my decisions based on the group and at times I have not been liked for doing what needs to be done but that is the reason you elected me.  I have been called every name in the book by Command Staff, City Leaders and a few Board Members, which lets me know I am doing something right; I am being a President and not a follower.  If you wish to vote for me please do so and know that I am always here to answer any questions you might have; you can reach me via e-mail, by phone, and you are always welcome to stop by the office or my home, or I will go to you.  I ask you not to listen to all the political slander that will undoubtedly start by others who wish to be President; if you have questions about me ask me!  I assure you that you will always get an honest answer.  I have, and always will be, for the officers of this department and I will always deal in the truth because of my respect and alliance to my Family in Blue, Always!

March 31, 2020
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