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Posted On: Apr 22, 2015

I find it hard to imagine a life doing anything else but protecting my Family in Blue. The past six years as your President have flown by and I have yet to accomplish all of my desires for this fine association when you elected me as your President in 2009. The current board has done an outstanding job working together as a team even with all the current departmental problems. We have our moments and yes fights break out from time to time as in all families, but we push past it and work together because it’s not about us, it’s about you.

I have watched my Family in Blue shrink to barely over one thousand officers as many officers leave for greener pastures and better opportunities.  No matter the reason why, when one of us goes down it hurts. We work together as brothers and sisters and when something happens we all suffer, as it should be.

I hope all of you have seen positive changes in the association and understand that it is a constantly growing and evolving creature that at times has a mind of it’s own. The beast I speak of is a gentle giant for it’s family but once angered the giant will crush it’s foe. He who stands against the blue giant must fall because we are the Thin Blue Line that keeps peace and order in the world. We may be run by politicians but they are not our zoo-keepers and when necessary they also will suffer the wrath of the beast. We serve the public, not the money or the managers who seek to control what we do. They will be the enemy when they place their needs in front of the masses. Our job is the noblest calling on the face of the earth, “Keepers of the Peace”. We are Gods Soldiers, taken from his side in heaven and placed on this earth to protect and serve. We protect the weak and underprivileged from evil and injustice because we are the last thin line of defense. I take these noble values very serious when it comes to what I do daily. I expect and demand that the actions of the board follow these values and protect the protectors when the time comes. I understand that I will not make very many friends in the halls of the elite but I could care less. After 24 years of watching false promises and having to beg for scrapes I have come to a final conclusion, they believe that they are more important than you! I will never agree to such a misguided conviction and will spend the rest of my days fighting for the rights of my Family in Blue.

Ethics and integrity are not just words said in training but values that are etched into our souls. We defend all from harm, but always remember that we can not stray from our chosen path and must remand professional in our service to this community. We are the men and women of the El Paso Police Department and hold her future and past within our grasp. If we let go, just for a second, it will slip from our hands and be dashed on the rocks below. If we hold to tight we will choke the life from her and we all will parish. We walk a thin line that has no room for errors and that is the price for our calling. If this is not what you thought police work was or should be then you have chosen the wrong calling and must leave before causing harm. The calling is not for all and few can stand the test of time and remain true to one’s believes. Honor, courage and integrity must be upheld by all, for the community and the Family in Blue we serve.

Ron Martin

EPMPOA President

October 14, 2019
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Oct 14, 2019
El Sarape Restaurant 5103 Montana Ave.
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Oct 14, 2019
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Oct 14, 2019
El Paso Police Department Headquarters Chief's Large Conference Room 911 N. Raynor St. El Paso, TX 79903
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Oct 15, 2019
747 E. San Antonio Ave. Suite #103 El Paso Tx 79901
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Oct 16, 2019
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EPMPOA Approved Provider

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