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Last President's Message by Ron Martin
Updated On: Oct 23, 2019

Dear Family in Blue,

October has come and my Presidency has come to an end. I find myself going through documents, folders, plaques and awards that the Association and I have received during my ten years of service as your President.  It has been a true honor to lead this association for ten years and know that I have left this fine organization in a better place than which it was when I was sworn into office.

On October 19th I had the honor and privilege of hosting my final Awards Banquet that honors you, the fine men and women of this Association, with your years of service to our great community.  This is one of my fondest memories that I will cherish, handing out such awards to members who have dedicated their lives to this noble occupation, to “Protect and Serve.” 

As I look at all the memories of what we have accomplished, I would be remiss if I did not at least list what we have accomplished in ten years.  I realize that we have accomplished a great deal, but also realize that it has taken a team effort, so I would also like to commend the current Board of Directors and all the Board Members that have come before.  The rumors of my retirement are not true.  I will return to Central Regional Command as a Patrol Sergeant and do my duty to take care of my officers and serve the community.  But the rumor of my run for El Paso County Sheriff is true, and with your help I will be successful.

From October 2009 to October 2019 here is a list of accomplishments that your Association and I are very proud of:

EPMPOA Financials for last 10 Years: (Total Liabilities and Net Assets)

2009     $1,123,757.00     PAC Account: >       $168,129.00
2010     $1,087,428.00                                   $188,987.00
2011     $1,093,481.00                                   $218,094.00
2012     $1,069,146.00                                   $239,920.00
2013     $946,695.00                                      $196,907.00
2014     $952,163.00                                      $223,170.00
2015     $979,026.00                                      $247,720.00
2016     $992,178.00                                      $277,165.00
2017     $1,014,847.00                                   $275,396.00
2018     $1,104,807.00                                   $286,295.00
2019 (as of 9/1/2019) $1,077,893.00              $305,789.00


2009 El Paso Independent School Partner in Education Award
2009 Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Award
2009 CLEAT Grass Roots Political Action Award
2010 CLEAT Grass Roots Political Action Award
2010 Battle of the Badge Blood Drive
2010 CLEAT Outstanding Local Award
2011 Battle of the Badge Blood Drive
2011 CLEAT Brass Balls Award
2012 Battle of the Badge Blood Drive
2012 Rio Grande Cancer Foundation Reach for the Sky Challenge Winner
2012 Special Olympics Appreciation Award
2012 El Paso Independent School Partner in Education Award
2013 CLEAT Grass Roots Political Action Award
2014 CLEAT Legislative Award
2014 City of El Paso Official Star Lighters Award
2014 Auto Theft Task Force Convention Supporter
2014 CLEAT Outstanding Local Award
2015 CLEAT Convention Host City Award
2015 CLEAT Legislative Award
2015 CLEAT Legislative Award
2015 Veterans of Foreign Wars Golf Sponsorship
2016 CLEAT Leadership Award
2017 CLEAT Grass Roots Political Action Award
2017 Head Start Program for Sparks
2018 Spring Fling Special Needs Prom Award
2019 Police Week Supports form the EPPD
2019 Choir Boys Thank You Award

Contracts & other big financial issues:

2009 – 2019 the EPMPOA has donated over $50,000.00 in Scholarships to our Member’s Children for college educations.
2009-2019 EPMPOA has generated over $120,000.00 in cash donations to Officers & their Families in need. (Donations, Wing Drives & Etc.)
November 11, 2014 to August 31, 2018 CBA
(With an estimated cash worth of $550 Million over 4 Years)
February 19, 2019 to August 31, 2023 CBA
(With an estimated cash worth of $610 Million over 4 Years)
2009 Law Suit for Weather Damages to the Hall finalize in 2016 with a settlement of $94,356.00
2011 Sued the City of El Paso for taking away Domestic Partnerships for all City employees (Made National News and set the standards for future Insurance Contracts across Texas)
2011 Association & CLEAT Stopped the creation of a new Housing Authority Police Department in El Paso
2015 Memo of Understanding to accept the Fitness & Biometrics Programs
2016 EPMPOA fought to have Officer Adrian Arellano’s name added to the Officers Memorial in Austin
2019 Retro-Fit of all Regional Commands, HQ & Academy with new Planet Fitness Workout Equipment ($200,000.00 estimated cost)
2019 Received $25,000.00 Cash Donation from Planet Fitness for Officers and Families after Walmart Incident 
2019 $11,000.00 in Cash Donations from AT&T/First Net to offset largest Wet & Wild Event
2019 Took Possession of the David Ortiz Memorial Bike from City of El Paso

Major Grievance Wins

 2009-2019 Approx. 100 Members Grievances (OT, Leave, Discipline & Etc.)
2011 Association Leave Grievance (Prior Association Leadership thought 10,000 Hours remained in Bank which was actually in the negative. Current Leadership corrected the issue by 2014 and currently has 8, 228.20 in the Bank staring 2019, this was in part because I used 2,383 Hours of my own leave costing me $85,469.00 Dollars in leave)
2012 Wage Scale Grievance affecting 867 Members who got Back Pay of 3.2 Million
2013 Shared Leave Grievance (City said we had 1,338.70 Hrs. but won giving members 17,055.30 Hrs. The Shared Leave Bank currently has over 23,000 Hrs.)
2014 Doctors Note Grievance (No more Doctors Notes due to Days Off)
2014 Audit Grievance (Paid 8 members $24,997.00 and did not take $23,083.00 from 4 members)
2014 Understanding with Chief  to stop Rotating Shift Program after MVRCC Pilot Project
2016 Fleet Replacement Plan (Forced current City Council to purchase 300+ Units)
2016 Pope’s Visit Grievance (129 Officers Back Paid $51,002.25)
2017 Split Days Off Grievance (Forced to stop the practice of Splitting Days off)

As of now, Sgt. Michael 'Mike' Short is the new EPMPOA President and as a Union representative, I can no longer respond to critical incidents involving any of you.  If needed, in the future, please contact any board member or Mike.

Thank you,

Sgt. Ron Martin #1423

November 21, 2019
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